What To Expect

The Appointment

Dr. Katherine will arrive at your home and explain the procedure (depending on your interest and comfort level).

We will administer a sedative/pain medication combination to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during their final moments. This is either given orally, or as an injection under the skin using a tiny needle (we will discuss what you and your pet would prefer). Many dogs and cats do not even feel this injection (especially when we distract them with their favorite treats!), though some may initially react to a slight pinch. Within 20 minutes, your pet will be in a deep sleep, completely free of pain and stress.

When you and your pet are ready, the doctor will administer a second injection, an overdose of anesthesia specifically for euthanasia. Depending on your pet’s size and condition, this may be done in a vein or the abdomen. Either way, your pet will not experience any pain or stress. We will monitor your pet and let you know when he or she has passed, typically within 2–5 minutes after the final injection.

You may be present for as much or as little of the process as you would like. Please let us know if you need anything throughout the process or have any questions. We aim to help your pet pass peacefully, painlessly, and with dignity.

How to prepare

Things to think about (and discuss with Dr. Katherine if you would like to):

  • Location: Where in your home or yard would you like to be? We can do this wherever you and your pet are most comfortable.
  • Who will be present: Family members, other pets?
  • Care of your pet’s remains: If local regulations allow and you wish to, you may bury your pet at home. Our team can also arrange for private cremation (with remains returned in a beautiful urn) or communal cremation (remains are scattered on a nearby private property).
  • Keepsakes: Do you want an ink or ceramic paw print or a lock of fur?

A note about fearful pets:

Dr. Katherine is a Fear-Free certified veterinarian and has many years of experience working with anxious pets. There are many tools and tricks available to decrease your pet’s stress and anxiety while keeping you and our team safe. If your pet often needs sedation or a muzzle at the vet/groomer or does not enjoy having strangers in your home, please let us know before the appointment so we can prepare for a safe and low-stress appointment. We will help arrange for you to give your pet oral sedatives prior to our arrival to help keep your pet calm and relaxed.

Get in Touch

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